Date: 2 months ago   Category: Science

The most frightening technologies of 21 centuries are called

Technologies of 21 centuries most of which of all frighten people are called. On the first place of rating there was a system of face recognition. On the one hand, it helps to find quickly criminals, with another, constantly watch the person. On the second line there were technologies making decisions for people or pushing to certain actions. Subsequently people can be disoriented for what step they and for what – robots are responsible. Top and three were closed by digital robots who cannot almost be distinguished from the person. On the fourth place the technology of change of DNA was placed. It can be and useful, for example, to create immunity to some diseases till the birth, but it is unknown to what consequences will lead change of the nature. And on the last line there was a monitoring of a workplace. Already now the large companies use this tool. The worker puts on a bracelet which in case of its mistake gives feedback. However the device can be used also for shadowing the employee during the working day. The rating was made by journalists of Life. Photo: Pixabay to Share: people rating fear of technology of people