Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

The most ridiculous researches have got the Ig Nobel Prize in the USA

The awards ceremony of the Ig Nobel Prize-2018 has taken place in the Harvard theater Sanders on September 13. Ten scientific groups have received awards for researches with doubtful value, Izvestia tells. The staff of the University of Brighton became winners in the Food nomination. They have found out that food of cannibals of times of a paleolith wasn't so nutritious as food of the modern person. Scientists of the University of Michigan have developed a way of disposal of stones in kidneys by means of a roller coaster. In the field of chemistry three researchers who have proved ability of saliva to purify dirt have won. Winners of the Reproductive Medicine nomination have proved that men with psychological impotence have better night erection, than at organic impotence. Each winner has won a monetary prize of ten trillion Zimbabwean dollars. Photo: Google.Images to Share: researches science of the USA scientific Ig Nobel Prize