Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Muscovite has shot to the drinking companion at an eye and has barricaded in the apartment

The feast in the Moscow apartment has developed into a fight with firing. The man has shot to the friend at an eye then has barricaded. As reports Channel Five, history has begun early in the morning on October 4. Three friends drank alcoholic drinks on a visit at one of them. At some point between men the conflict has begun. One of its participants has got a traumatic gun and has shot at an eye to the drinking companion. The third man managed to leave the room, having captured with himself the wounded companion. The victim has been hospitalized in local hospital. The law enforcement officers who have arrived to the scene have found out that access to the man who has attacked friends is blocked. Law enforcement officers have surrounded the building and have begun negotiations with the shooter. It wasn't necessary to storm the house – after a while the shooter has gone outside and voluntarily has given up the police officer. The man has been brought to police station where at the moment law enforcement authorities establish all circumstances of the event. Video: The Channel Five to Share: video an eye has shot I have barricaded Moscow police