Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

"The naked ninjia" from England has detained the car thief

Naked British has caught the thief of cars who tried to hijack the car in the middle of night. An incident has occurred late evening on August 22 in Longbentona in the northeast of England. As has reported the Daily Mail edition, young people Stephen and his girlfriend of Nicolas, being without clothes, watched TV. At this moment the girl has seen in a window that someone sits in the car of her guy what I have at once reported to Stephen about. The man, without paying attention to the nakedness, I have rushed to the car. He managed to catch up and tumble down on the earth, Stephen who was taken aback from appearance, the car thief. As it was later, the 17-year-old teenager who was drunk has tried to steal the car. Stephen has told journalists that he at the time of detention of the minor car thief has felt "the naked ninjia". It is reported that the nude man didn't begin to bring charges to the teenager as he has considered that the guy deserves "the second chance". Video: Daily Mail to Share: Britain video naked naked ninjia naked car thief