Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The name of the most beautiful girl of Kuzbass became known

On November 1 in Novokuznetsk the final "Ms. Kuzbass of 2018" has taken place. The resident of Novokuznetsk Yulia Nagikh became the winner of a beauty contest. All participants of gala show stepped on the stage in bathing suits, evening dresses and other dresses and defiled before jury. As a result the main crown of a competition, as well as two titles of vice-Ms. remained in Novokuznetsk. The title of the first vice-Ms. was won by Darya Serikova, Alyona Pichuzhkina became the second vice-Ms. However Kuzbass at a national competition will be represented by Yulia Nagikh who has won the first prize – a crown. A concert has taken place in Novokuznetsk Alyuminshchik recreation Center. Photo: social networks to Share: beauty contest of Ms. Kuzbass nude Novokuznetsk photo