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The new class with electronic textbooks and a recreation area has opened at Novokuznetsk school

The physical and mathematical class has opened at high school No. 50 of the city of Novokuznetsk. It is equipped with the latest equipment, electronic manuals, a recreation area and own scientific museum. To make study of Novokuznetsk school students really modern and conforming to the most advanced international standards, the Siberian Generation Company (SGC) has allocated to school one million rubles. It should be noted that also at the expense of sponsors power engineering specialists in a class there have taken place capital repairs: have changed all communications, windows and doors, have made modern repair of the educational room. 28 pupils of the 5th "and" will master the innovative educational program "Entertaining physics". She is aimed at vigorous cognitive activity with emphasis on methods of carrying out various laboratory experiments. – Experiences are interesting to children in the fifth class. They want to touch everything, to look at processes with own eyes. Entertaining physics – it isn't tiresome, and is interesting and informative. The new training course will allow to increase motivation to training, and the hi-tech equipment increases also requirements to professionalism of teachers, gives them an incentive to development, – the principal No. 50 Anna Shelegina has told. Already at the first lesson of physics in a new class children became participants of the show lecture "Energy of Centuries" which was held by the interactive museum of science "Newton the Park" from Krasnoyarsk, have learned the principles of work of combined heat and power plant, could feel force of the elements tamed by the person: fire and water. – The staff deficit is always. It isn't necessary to hope that it is possible to grow them in higher education institutions, it is necessary to bring up shots from school. Siberian Generation Company invests money in the future that, still sitting at school desks, pupils could receive the new level of knowledge, – the director of the SGK heatmarketing enterprise in Novokuznetsk, the deputy of Novokuznetsk city council Alexander Kondratov has emphasized in the welcome speech at opening of a class. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: capital repairs of school of Kemerovo new class SGK Siberian Generation Company Power and housing and public utilities school