Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The new shopping center will open in the center of Kemerovo

In the center of Kemerovo, near Shopping Center Ya, "Cloud" and Citypark there will begin the work the new shopping center soon. Earlier the premises of shopping center on Kuznetsky Avenue were occupied by the ware "New market". However a few years ago the territory was fenced, and full-scale reconstruction of construction has begun. The part of the square of new shopping center will be occupied by boutiques with clothes, but the most part of the building will be given for the market at which for buyers the goods will present farms and other grocery SP. – The main building is already ready, next week we will execute improvement of the territory, we will asphalt approaches and entrances from Nogradskaya and Kuznetsky Avenue, and everything, the mall can get to work, – contractors have told AVOKA.DO. Earlier the part of the space of shopping center was occupied by shops of the Kemerovo electromechanical plant which have decayed over time. Shortly they will be born. Photo: AVOKA.DO to Share: Kemerovo Kuznetsky Avenue shopping center of shopping center of a photo