Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

The next prediction for doomsday was found in the USA

Records of the pastor of one of religious the scientist, being a branch of Christian school which he has made before death became the belief basis in the next doomsday. This time Russia has to become one of responsible for an apocalypse. As reports Life which has died in 2016 Kenton Beshor the most part of the life I have devoted to studying of the Bible and search in her secret messages. For some time to the death the pastor has begun to tell the relatives that he could define date of an apocalypse precisely. The last records of Beshor in which he called 2021 "the beginning of the end" became available to only recently general public. The first stage of an apocalypse, according to him, in 2028 will come to the end with Jesus Christ's coming. Beshor has interpreted the text of the Bible, having come to a conclusion that global cataclysms will begin with armed conflict between Israel and Iran to which Russia will be connected later. Photo: google.images to Share: 2021 apocalypses Bible Kenton Beshor doomsday