Date: 6 months ago   Category: Sport

The Norwegian athlete hands opened not opened vessels for doping tests

Doping officers came to the Norwegian pole vaulter Sondre Guttormsen to take from him blood samples and urine. However check took place not according to the plan as the guy could open barehanded three vessels for tests. Officers came to the young man home. They took all necessary analyses then gave him the sealed vessels for check from Guttormsen. notes that according to regulations the athlete is obliged to be convinced that the vessel cannot be opened without the special equipment. However the jumper could make it. At the same time it turned out that Guttormsen opened all three jars. The jumper's father secretly from officers wrote down on video how the son opens the third vessel. It became clear that on glass there is no trace of hacking of the capsule left. The company making jars for doping tests commented on a situation. Her representatives explained that similar cases occur on three-four times every year, without being something surprising. Video: to Share: video doping test control Sondre Guttormsen