Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The Novokuznetsk fleecer who has set fire to a dog was seized

The resident of Novokuznetsk who is accused of animals abuse not for long disappeared from justice: law enforcement officers came to his trace and delivered in the pre-trial detention center. The malefactor who in April of the current year has set fire to a one-year-old dog by nickname Timk and has twice refused to come to court session has been detained and arrested. – From court in police information on the announcement has come to search of the man which wasn't on meetings on the case of animals abuse. The staff of criminal investigation department during the held events has established his location and has detained the man, – have told in the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. We will remind, the 30-year-old resident of Novokuznetsk, previously convicted for a robbery, who also is on account at the narcologist has poured over the dog gas mixture and has set fire. Not indifferent citizens have saved the pet and delivered in a vetklinik. Now Timka looks for the new owner. The defendant is threatened by five years of imprisonment. Photo: Social networks to Share: fleecer Novokuznetsk pre-trial detention center arson dog court of a timk