Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The Novosibirsk authorities will discuss freedom of meetings after elections

Officials connect the become frequent bans on mass protests in the downtown with the upcoming elections which will take place already on September 9. So, the Novosibirsk authorities have promised to discuss with social activists and parties only on condition of last elections. Everything has begun with the fact that the regional office of party of Yabloko has brought up a question in Human Rights Council (HRC) of problems with coordination of mass actions in the Novosibirsk region. – The mayor's office, using some indistinct formulations in the legislation, at absence in the law No. 54-FZ of real responsibility of the authorities for violation of his articles and also with assistance of judicial authorities, regularly refuses to hold meetings and pickets to some active citizens and public associations on those platforms that are stated in the notification of these citizens on holding a public action, – it is said in the appeal of party. Besides, according to representatives of Yabloko if the authorities also offer the alternative platform, then it, as a rule, is in the place, inconvenient for participants. Authors of the address have offered local authorities that all actions planned for two weeks were reflected in the website of the mayor's office or in "the special paper magazine with open access". On this offer, nevertheless, they haven't received from the mayor's office. The head of HRC Mikhail Fedotov has met with local to activists and has offered in case of disagreement with decisions of the authorities to appeal to court and also has reminded that mass actions all citizens can play not only political parties, but also. According to him, in the federal and regional legislation regulations of holding actions are insufficiently accurately formulated. However, he has refrained from any estimates of decisions of local authorities. Photo: Google.Images to Share: mass meetings meetings Novosibirsk appeal of party freedom of thought freedom of speech