Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The Novosibirsk higher education institution "has dressed" naked statues before a visit of ROC

The Novosibirsk State University of architecture and design has covered with fabric naked antique sculptures before a visit of representatives of ROC. The delegation of priests has visited the university on August 23 within a cycle of actions "Novosibirsk – the city of boundless opportunities". By the time of their arrival antique statues of naked people have draped with fabric, tells The press service of NGUADI has confirmed information and has explained that the management of higher education institution was afraid "to hurt" feelings of priests "obscene" nakedness of sculptures. Representatives of church haven't estimated action of higher education institution and have noticed that the staff of the university "was overzealous". Photo: to Share: HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of a nguada Novosibirsk ROC priests of a sculpture of a statue photo forum