Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The Novosibirsk school teaches lessons in four changes

The Novosibirsk school No. 207 has entered both the third, and intermediate changes. Since the beginning of academic year at school, except the first and second change, lessons are conducted in intermediate and a third of change. The first lessons are begun to be taught at 8:00. From 11:30 till 13:20 – intermediate change, behind her – the second from 13:20 to the 15:00 and third till 19:00. And the last lessons are conducted for pupils of the second and third class. – At us is the first 10 classes, the second, third and fourth – on 8 in a parallel and so on. In classes – till 32-33 the person. Design capacity at us 840. And more than 2000 people study at school, – the principal Valentina Verzhuk has commented "To Novosibirsk online" on a situation. At the same time at school have given some technical rooms for educational classes, and some offices have divided into two. And, by words Verzhuk, only children with a local registration study at school. Photo: Google.Images to Share: classes Novosibirsk change school