Date: 10 months ago   Category: Science

The nursing home will block access to the sewerage to residents of the settlement near Kemerovo

The female resident of the Kemerovo region of Olga has appealed to the editorial office VSE42.Ru about the help in dissemination of information on a situation which has developed in the village of Zhuravlevo. According to the woman, shortly two tens families risk to be left without discharge of waste. As Olga has reported, houses in the settlement have been built in the 70th years of the last century. – We are young family with two children, we live near the Zhuravlevsky house boarding school. All system of communications – water supply and water disposal and also treatment facilities, has been calculated taking into account our houses. We constantly paid water, and moreover – helped a boarding school regarding economic needs, – the female resident of the settlement has told. However current spring at 19 families whose water supply takes place together with a boarding school for aged, problems have begun. The director of institution has reported about closing of treatment facilities, reasoning this decision with their shabby state and considerable costs of recovery repair – about 8 million rubles. – Instead of clearing the department of a social security has coordinated construction of a cesspool – a septic tank on 80 CBM, having allocated for it 2 million rubles from the regional budget. The maintenance of this hole will manage to the budget in considerable money! – Olga has reported. The woman has noted that residents have organized initiative group and have handled a problem as in the municipal, and regional authorities, however haven't received the answer. – We have involved experts in treatment facilities and ecologists to audit. By their estimates, necessary investments for optimization and modernization of clearing – 2-2,5 million rubles within 3-5 years. We are ready to undertake all expenses and to save budgetary funds! – the woman has emphasized. Now to residents of the village notices of disconnection from water supply and water disposal since September 1, 2018 have come. Nevertheless they try to reach the authorities and to assert the right for comfortable residence in Zhuravlevo. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: water village complaint Kemerovo district cleaning