Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

The one-year-old girl left the resident of Kemerovo on the street

The inhabitant of the regional center has gone for a couple of minutes to shop, having left at home the sleeping daughter: the girl has pushed a latch at doors because of what the woman couldn't return to the apartment. On Saturday, September 22, specialists of Kemerovo Service of Rescue left on a call of the local resident who was frightened for the daughter: the one-year-old baby was locked in the apartment. – The woman has decided to go to shop "on couple" minutes until her daughter slept. Having come back home, the resident of Kemerovo behind a door has heard crying of the girl. The woman tried to open a door a key, however the daughter was closed on a latch, – have told in MBU. Rescuers have opened a door the special tool. Having seen adults, the girl has right there calmed down and has ceased to cry, medical care wasn't necessary for her. For last output Kemerovo rescuers left on 22 addresses from citizens. Photo: To Share MBU "Kemerovo Service of Rescue": girl of Kemerovo Kemerovo Service of Rescue rescuers