Date: 9 months ago   Category: Politics

The opposition has demanded resignation of the government of Moldova

The two-day anti-government action has taken place in Chisinau. Protesters demanded resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers and the organization of free parliamentary elections. The event has been timed to a country Independence Day. Its participants have demanded resignation of the government, the organization of free parliamentary elections and also investigation of large corruption scandals. Demonstrations in the center of the capital during which the people accused the central authorities of theft have been in addition organized.

of TASS notes that about 100 participants of a protest have decided to stay overnight on the main square. For this purpose they have placed in her territory tents and tables, have brought food, drinks and sleeping bags. "Night of freedom" will be organized in order that on August 27, on a country Independence Day to show the position. They also want to meet the president, deputies and members of the government who will come to a celebration on the occasion of a holiday. – We will tell members of the government and deputies in the morning that Moldova belongs not to them, and the people, – the representative of opposition Andrey Nestase who remained on the square with citizens of the country has told. It is noted that if not to fulfill the requirement of the people, in Moldova strikes, blocking of public institutions and means of communication will be organized. Photo: To Share RIA Novosti: Moldova Government photo protest