Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The owner of a financial pyramid will close Keshberi and will create the new company

The owner of the Keshberi company in which activity the Central Bank has found signs of a financial pyramid Artur Vardanyan has announced closing of holding. Vardanyan in the video published on YouTube has told that since November 1 the platform stops the existence. The businessman has accused "army of journalists with dirty receptions" of closing with Keshberi. – The company stops work as before. Registration on the websites of investment platforms is impossible. Creation of new investments, transfers of internal currency, opening of advice centers and holding the training actions will become just impossible, he said. According to him, from 1 number of every month a part of the people who have invested money in Keshberi will receive compensation proceeding from the schedule of debt which will be made by the company. The businessman has given an example: if for December the percent established by the company is equal to 2%, then the investor will receive no more than 2% of the lost means. At the same time Vardanyan has noted that 25% of debt obligations will be compensated in the form of a certain cryptocurrency. The owner of the company has also told about plans to create new in 100 days, that is, Vardanyan, approximately in the middle of February, 2019 has noticed. Photo: google.images to Share: Vardanyan of a keshbera pyramid