Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The owner of a power-saw bench has spoiled life to kuzbassovets and has drawn attention of prosecutor's office

Tisul's inhabitants have complained of a local power-saw bench from which constantly there is a noise and sawdust flies. Law enforcement officers have carried out an inspection and have revealed numerous violations in work of the enterprise. The businessman who is engaged in production of timber in Tisula has drawn attention of prosecutor's office after numerous complaints of locals. Tisultsa were indignant with the fact that from the enterprise on Pushkin Street there is a terrible noise, and the adjacent territory gets littered with production wastes. The prosecutor has carried out an inspection and has revealed a number of violations. So, the land plot on which the power-saw bench settles down according to documents is intended for maintaining personal subsidiary farm, wood was stored in other territory without the permission. Besides, there was no sanitary zone that worsens sanitary and epidemiologic wellbeing of the population. At the same time sawdust didn't get out from the territory that created fire threat. Law enforcement officers have initiated several administrative cases. Also to the head of administration of the Tisulsky city settlement representation in connection with inadequate implementation of functions of land control is brought. Photo: google.images to Share: The Kemerovo region violations a power-saw bench prosecutor's office Tisul tisulets are revolted