Date: 10 months ago   Category: Science

The paralyzed Japanese could work as the waiter thanks to an avatar

The man chained to a bed works as the waiter in Japan. He does it by means of the robot avatar which operates in the remote mode. In the country have begun to test robots which could help physically disabled people. I became one of the first testers Nozomi Murat who suffers from an atrophy of skeletal muscles. By means of technology the man has got a job in one of local restaurants. As transfers Engadget, the avatar of Orihime-D works on the Internet and functions by means of cameras and sensors. Thanks to it the user is capable to operate system far off. It is planned that thanks to such robots at the end of November some more disabled people will be able already to get a job in cafe and restaurants. Developers assure that the system is so perfect that even completely paralyzed people will manage to drive. Photo: Google.Images to Share: avatar disability robot of technology of a photo Japan