Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

The parking in the center of Kemerovo will be limited

On October 14 in the center of Kemerovo there will take place the mass sporting event. In this regard the parking of motor transport will be limited. On October 14 across city streets there will pass the vsekuzbassky bicycle race, oznamenuyushchy the beginning of 1 000-day counting prior to three-century anniversary of Kuzbass. The column of the Kemerovo cyclists starts with the area of Councils. In this regard the parking of transport from 20:00 on October 13 till 10:00 on October 14 will be limited: on Ordzhonikidze Street – from Arochnaya Street to the area of Councils; on Arochnaya Street – from Ordzhonikidze Street to Krasnaya Street; on Krasnaya Street – from Arochnaya Street to Sovetsky Avenue. For this time it is possible to park motor transport at Pushkin Square, at the pool "Azure" (Sovetsky Ave., 70) and on even side of Michurin Street according to the requirement of road signs, the administration of Kemerovo reports. We remind that all city transport will be redirected to a detour of the central streets for the period of holding an action. Also on Sunday, October 14, the movement of cars along Sovetsky Avenue – from Michurin Street to October 50 let Street will be limited from 10:00 till 14:00, Krasnaya Street – from Vasilyev Street to Pritomskaya Embankment, October 50 let Street – from Nogradskaya Street to the area of Councils and the site from Pushkin Square to the area of Councils for Ordzhonikidze Street is blocked. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: 300 anniversary of Kuzbass bicycle race movement Kuzbass of Kemerovo restriction parking transport