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The passenger who was injured in road accident can receive double compensation

The passenger who has got into accident can receive payments from both drivers, the Supreme Court considers. Responsibility for hit in road accident comes at both drivers as under article 1079 of the Civil code the car belongs to a source of the increased danger, and the legal entities and citizens using a source of the increased danger to people around are obliged to compensate the harm done by them. Therefore, the passenger can demand insurance payments not only from responsible for accident, but also from the second participant of incident, at accident there comes not one insured event, and for each contract CMTPL, tells DEITA.RU. The legal precedent was created by the inhabitant of the Nizhny Novgorod Region which has had an accident as the passenger. In accident the woman has received life-threatening heavy injuries. The insurance company has paid to the victim compensation only for responsible for road accident. Behind full compensation she had to appeal to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. The Supreme instance has reminded of responsibility of all of the increased danger to the people around using a source, and it in this case is the car. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: car driver of payment of road accident compensation passenger insurance payments court