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The patriarch Kirill said the rights for Andrei Rublev's museum in Moscow

The ROC wants to take away to himself the restored Andronikov Monastery in Moscow. In its territory there is a Museum of Old Russian culture and art of Andrei Rublev. The application from the patriarch of ROC with a request came to Rosimushchestvo to transfer the Andronikov Monastery churches and buildings adjoining to it, including premises of the museum of Andrei Rublev, RBC reports. Buildings for which the church applies belong to objects of cultural heritage. The director of the museum Mikhail Mindlin already sent the answer to Rosimushchestvo. – We against transfer of all complex of the monastery of Church. It is impossible because then the museum should be thrown out on the street, – Mindlin commented on the position. At the same time he emphasizes that the museum is ready to cooperation with ROC. According to the director, the museum, presenting Old Russian church culture to wide circles of the population, substantially carries out a missionary mission for Church. The union of the museums of Russia also opposed transfer of Andronikov Monastery of ROC. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: monastery Moscow museum patriarch transfer