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The pedophile from Ireland has avoided punishment for rapes of 60-year

The court has found 86-year-old John Kiyernan from Ireland guilty of 11 cases of violation of juvenile children. The pedophile has avoided punishment because of senile age. As reports The Journal, Kiyernan working at a farm at the father of the victims in the late fifties – the beginning of the 1960th years, several times subjected to sexual violence of juveniles at that time the brother and the sister. The man raped the girl and forced the boy to have with him oral sex during this period when from 4 to 10 years were it. The woman who is more than 60 years old, has told in court about one of such cases. According to her, once, when on the street it was very cold, the father has asked Kiyernan to take away her to the house that the child hasn't caught a cold. The man has seen the girl to her bedroom, has given her a few whisky and has raped. After that he has forced the child to be silent, threatening her with punishment. The victim's brother who was also exposed to violence from Kiyernan has said that the pedophile six times forced him to have nonconventional sex. Most often it occurred on fishing. For the first time the victims of the former worker of a farm have reported violence a year ago when they have heard that their tyrant was unbound, having served sentence for the similar crimes committed several years later. In court the 86-year-old pedophile who also has two children has confessed to all points of new charge. The judge considering case has found the man guilty, however has exempted him from punishment, having referred to Kiyernan's health. During reading of a sentence he has noted that the pedophile suffers from diabetes and other chronic diseases interfering the conclusion. Besides, the judge has pointed to senile age of the man, having explained that he could be imprisoned, he be slightly younger. Photo: Collins Courts, Mirror Online to Share: children Ireland juveniles punishment pedophile child court of a photo