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The Perm gymnasium is threatened by a fine of 200 thousand rubles for a pink head of hear of the schoolgirl

The Perm gymnasium No. 4 hasn't allowed to occupations the tenth-grader with a pink head of hear. Now the educational institution will be fined. The prosecutor's office of Perm has initiated an administrative case against a local gymnasium No.   4 and her directors. The administration of educational institution has decided to discharge of occupations of two schoolgirls which have come to lessons not in a classical suit and with pink hair. The director has pointed to schoolgirls to violation of "Requirements to appearance and clothes of the students" accepted in a gymnasium and has demanded to bring herself into accord to a school dresscode. The regional Commissioner for Human Rights Pavel Mikov who has called the incident discrimination has stood up for tenth-graders, "Medusa" writes. "It the same [if] the child has come without form or without replaceable footwear", – he has said. After local media were connected to discussion of an incident, and the prosecutor's office has initiated proceedings on article 5.57 Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences under which officials are threatened by a penalty of 30-50 thousand rubles, and to legal persons – 100-200 thousand rubles, schoolgirls have allowed to lessons though they didn't begin to be recoloured by a photo.: Google.Images to Share: hair gymnasium tenth-grader dresscode Perm prosecutor's office rozvy Colour head of hear