Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The pilotless taxi was started in Tokyo in the test mode

Since August 27 tokiyets can use services of the pilotless taxi. On Monday, August 27, Hinomaru Kotsu in the test mode has started transportations of passengers on self-driving cars, TASS with reference to the official site of a taxi pool writes. And persons interested to participate in an experiment registered in July. Cars move along a certain route 5,3 kilometers long. The first pilotless taxi fare – 1 500 yens (about 14 dollars). The movement along the road is carried out in the automatic mode, including turns and evolutions. So far engineers haven't decided to entrust completely passengers to the equipment, and there will be driving a person who has to in case of danger interfere with management. The experiment will last till September 8. In case of success the new taxi will earn in Tokyo by the beginning of the Olympic Games of 2020. Pilotless cars are designed to solve a problem of shortage of drivers in the Japanese capital. Photo: Google.Images to Share: