Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The police has detained the student who has poured acid of girls in Stavropol Territory

In Stavropol Krai the student suspected of commission of attacks with acid for three of minor girls is detained. "The 19-year-old resident of Budyonnovsk which in June of last year has unjustly splashed out acid in a face passing by the 15-year-old girl is detained, and in three days I have poured acid of two more minors. The victims have got burns of varying severity", – the Investigative Committee (IC) on the channel in WhatsApp has reported. During the investigation DNA samples at more than two thousand people have been selected. As a result, suspicions have fallen on the student of medical college whose samples "have coincided with the traces found on bank from under acid from the scene". It is noted that on interrogation the young man has confessed to deeds. From his words, he vented rage and aggression on girls. The court has passed the decision on arrest of the detainee. The issue of appointment to the young man of psikhologo-psychiatric examination is resolved. As writes Interfax, assaults were committed in 2017 in the Budyonnovsk district. The young man in a jacket with a hood and a medical mask on a face, passing by girls, suddenly I poured out on them acid. A reward of half a million rubles has been announced for information on the criminal. Whether someone has received this money, it isn't reported. Photo: SK to Share: arrest of the girl detention acid attack Stavropol Krai student of a photo