Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The police has found the dealers in bodies who have stolen eyes of the dead man in China

The police has found in the city of Ninsyan gang of dealers of bodies who are suspected of theft of eyes of the man who has died in one of the Chinese hospitals. As reports South China Morning Post, loss of organs of vision was noticed by the sister of the died man at survey of a body in a morgue before burial. She has told journalists that one eye-socket has been filled by cotton wool, and in another there was a tool which criminals took an eye. The gang from four people was detained next day after the statement of the woman. Among them there was also an employee of a morgue. It is supposed that three from group right after theft have gone to the city of Shaoyan. Investigators consider that there they also tried to sell bodies. Photo: Google.Images to Share: gang of an eye China dead man dealers in bodies