Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The police of the USA has found the serial tyrant on the website on search of relatives

In the USA the police searched long ago for the maniac who in 15 years has raped 12 women. They managed to detain him, thanks to information on the website on search of relatives. As reports the Sacramento Bee edition, the victims couldn't describe appearance of the man as he dressed him on eyes a bandage. One of them nevertheless could call his approximate lines. One more woman has wounded the tyrant therefore his blood remained on the crime scene. Police officers had DNA sample of the criminal, but he didn't coincide with one that were in base of law enforcement agencies. DNA of the tyrant has partially coincided with data of one of users of the GEDmatch resource. It has become clear later that they belonged to 58-year-old Roy Charles Waller who was an employee of the University of California Berkeley. The man lived near those places where crimes have been committed. Also his appearance has got under the description of one of the victims. The man was detained directly in the university building. Photo: Google.Images to Share: violence of the USA of a photo