Date: 5 months ago   Category: Sport

The police of the USA issued the warrant for an intake of DNA of Cristiano Ronaldo

The police of Las Vegas issued the warrant for receiving DNA of the Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo who is accused of rape. As reports The Wall Street Journal, thus the police plan to understand whether DNA sample of the football player coincides with the genetic material found on a dress of the raped girl Catherine Mayorgi. To make the procedure at the lawful level, law enforcement authorities sent the warrant to the judicial system of Italy where Ronaldo at the moment plays for local Juventus. The athlete's lawyer already commented on current situation. – Ronaldo always claimed that what occurred in Las Vegas in 2009, was by agreement therefore no wonder that DNA will be present and that the police made this standard request within the investigation, – the human rights activist explained. Let's remind, Mayorga accused Ronaldo of rape. Earlier paid to the girl 375 thousand dollars within the extrajudicial agreement. Under the terms of the contract, details of an incident should not have been made public, and the victim refused charges. Ronaldo does not admit the guilt. Photo: to Share: DNA rape Italy Ronaldo's warrant of the USA Juventus