Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The pregnant American TV-star is found dead and without trousers

The pregnant participant of the reality show EJNYC Lyric McHenrey has died during the celebration of the birthday. The overdose is called cocaine a preliminary cause of death of the girl. The corpse of a telestar has been found on a pavement in New York in the morning on August 14. As has reported Pix11 TV channel with reference to law enforcement agencies, on a body of died traces of cocaine which, presumably, and has served as the reason of a stop of her heart have been found. Before the death, at night for August 14, the American has posted several videos from Deam Downtown hotel on the social network on which she strongly is unsteady here and there. Police officers have also told that the lower body of Makgenri has been bared. On her there was nothing, except a top. Besides, according to law enforcement officers, the girl was on the 20th week of pregnancy. Photo: Instagram to Share: America pregnancy Lyric poet Magenri drugs overdose death