Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

The president of France came into the burning Notre-Dame

The French president Emmanuel Macron entered inside yet not extinguished building Notre Dame de Paris. The head of state came into cathedral, but remained near an entrance. At this moment from a ceiling on a floor sparks poured, and under a roof fire burned down. Macron has a talk with firefighters, and then left. The leader of France also promised to restore a construction. – I solemnly promise you that we will restore cathedral. All together. From tomorrow fund raising both in France, and out of its borders will begin, – RBC quotes Macron. He also thanked firefighters for rescue of a facade and towers of the building. Let's remind that fire flashed in Notre Dame de Paris in the evening on April 15. The emergency services called into question a possibility of restoration of cathedral. Photo: to Share: restoration Macron Notre Dame de Paris fire Notre-Dame