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The priest Golovin was discharged of service for "mockery over Christ" in Tatarstan

The Chistopolsky diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) has suspended from service of the archpriest Vladimir Golovin for the activity which isn't corresponding to the Sacred legend and "bringing temptation in life of church". About it it is told in the decree which text is posted on the official site of the diocese. Restrictions for the priest will work three months, since September third, 2018. "Present you are forbidden in service without the right of commission of any religious rites, a prepodaniye of blessing, carrying a cassock and a napersny cross", – it is said in the decree. In case of disobedience to Golovin can prolong the term of restrictions or defrock his sacred. Earlier in the Chistopolsky diocese have explained that the archpriest raised a payment for the so-called "cathedral prayer under the agreement" which is carried out by him from parishioners. At the same time for an additional fee Golovin promised "strengthening of a prayer" in the known temples and monasteries. The diocesan management suspects that similar financial initiatives have been connected with members of the family of the priest and his closest followers. Besides, it is claimed that Golovin kept enthusiastic stories about his family life, unseemly for a curacy, and also I advised parishioners to watch obscene movies. Also he allowed offensive for memory of heroes of Russia and the Great Patriotic War of a statement, calling their sacrificial death suicide. Among the other charges brought by the Diocese of Golovinu there were those which concerned his statements adjoining "on blasphemy and mockery over Christ". Photo: Google Images Share: mockery diocese discharge of ROC priest Tatarstan