Date: 8 months ago   Category: Culture

The prosecutor's office will check texts Purulent and Zamaya for existence of signs of extremism

The Moscow prosecutor's office became interested in songs by two Russian rappers. Already now verification of texts of Gnoyny and Hang Zamaya which musicians plan to execute at the next concerts is organized. Decided to begin check after the address of the Russian who heard, according to him, in songs of a phrase, directed to initiation of ethnic strife. In this regard he asked prosecutor's office to check tracks for anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi statements. Such songs Purulent as Vladimir Putin, "Sad dances" and "Patsansky флекс" and also Paris, "Name" and Zamaya's "Gunpowder" were listed in the statement. As specifies URA.RU, for carrying out the analysis the prosecutor's office will cooperate with linguists and Center "E". It is noted that following the results initiation of proceedings about administrative offense upon recognition of texts extremist is possible. The option of criminal prosecution is also probable. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Purulent wash away songs check prosecutor's office extremism