Date: 5 months ago   Category: Economy

The railway tunnel was constructed in Kuzbass for 7 billion rubles

In the Kemerovo region the new railway tunnel which length exceeds kilometer is finally put into operation. Investments into construction have made several billion rubles. Between stations Artyshta and Tomusinskaya in the Kemerovo region has earned the Tomusinsky tunnel which has allowed to lower load of railway tracks. The tunnel 1 200 m long is on a stage Kuregesh – Karlyk and connects coal-loading stations to the butt station Mezhdurechensk bypassing Novokuznetsk knot where trains come to the Trans-Siberian Railway and further follow to the Far East ports, Kommersant specifies. – His input will allow to provide substantially the increasing volumes of export of the coal shown to transportation by our partner consignors of Kuzbass, – have told in service of corporate communications of West Siberian Railway. It is supposed that the tunnel will increase the speed of cargo trains on a stage from 60 to 80 km/h. Construction has begun in September, 2012, last year an object has been temporarily put into operation. Investments of the Russian Railway have made 7 billion rubles. Photo: google.images to Share: Artyshta Karlyk Kemerovo region Kuregesh Mezhdurechensk Novokuznetsk stage tunnel