Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

The rapper Shuga Knight was sentenced almost to 30 years of prison

The court has sentenced the popular American rapper Shuga Knight to 28 years of imprisonment. Such measure of punishment to him was appointed for murder. As notes the tabloid TMZ, the performer has agreed to go to the transaction with the investigation that has reduced the term of stay in prison. Initially the musician was threatened by a life sentence. Also punishment to the 53-year-old rapper will be reduced because nearly 3,5 years he has spent behind bars waiting for a sentence. Knight has promised not to challenge the decision. In January, 2015 the rapper has brought down on the car of two people. One of them has died after hospitalization in hospital. The co-founder of Heavyweight Records studio Terry Carter was the dead. Witnesses have reported that Shuga Knight specially has twice run over Carter. Because of it court the account an act "serious and cruel" crime. The rapper admitted that he has fled the scene as was afraid of punishment. Photo: Google.Images to Share: prison murder of a photo шег Knight шуг Knight