Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The recidivist with boredom has taken hostage the child in Udmurtia

In Udmurtia have detained the 50-year-old recidivist who has spent 32 years in prison. It became boring for the man therefore he has decided to take hostage the boy. As the press service of regional government of Investigative Committee has reported, the man has met on the street of the 8-year-old boy. He has asked the child to help to inform of heavy bags the apartment. When they have reached the destination, the recidivist has locked the guy in the apartment, threatening him with a knife. It has become clear later that the child has managed to call mother who has at once contacted police. Field investigators could establish location of the criminal and child therefore within 1,5 hours could release the hostage. On interrogation the man has explained that he has taken the child to himself home as it became boring for him, and he wanted to stay with the boy. Investigators have made the decision to appoint to it forensic-psychiatric examination. Photo: Google.Images to Share: hostage stealing child recidivist Udmurtia