Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Hong Kong has killed the wife and the daughter with a ball for yoga

Professor from Hong Kong Kho Kim Sung has appeared before the court on a charge of murder of the wife and daughter. The investigation believes that the ball for yoga was the tool of crime. The man worked in department of anesthesiology and intensive therapy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The investigation assumes that, having decided to get rid of the spouse, he has enclosed in her car the made a hole ball for yoga which has filled previously with carbon monoxide. Professor has explained to police existence of this exercise machine with what wanted to poison in the house of rats by means of toxic agent in him. Having got into the car, the 47-year-old wife of professor and his 16-year-old daughter have got poisoned with gas vapors therefore they have died. It is established that the man had an affair with the student who has helped him to get rid of former family. He has organized a research for which carbon monoxide was necessary at the university. As note Izvestia, the research didn't bear any practical and scientific value. The man doesn't admit the guilt. Despite it, the prosecutor's office is sure, professor couldn't but know about danger of gas and has enclosed a ball in the car purposefully. It is noted, the daughter Kho of Kym Sung was probably the casual victim as that day I had to be at school. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Hong Kong yoga murder