Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Kemerovo has complained of the dangerous yard near the playground

Near the playground in Kemerovo the child has suffered. According to the resident, the road and the parking on this place "as after bombing". The resident of Kemerovo has published a post in community to "The mayor for record" in whom I have complained of bad condition of the yard on one of city streets. – The road and the parking near the house on Leningrad, 40B as after bombing, it is possible to leave half-cars in these potholes, and after a rain of a leg to break in deep pools. The child on rollers has fallen recently, has broken glasses and the person. I understand what is and it is worse the yards, on Volgograd, for example, but also here repair is necessary! – the author has reported. It is not the first complaint to roads of the regional center. Earlier the resident of Kemerovo has shown photos of the "medieval" road on Proletarskaya Street. Photo: Social networks to Share: yard of Kemerovo of a hole social network