Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Kemerovo has interceded for the grandmother and has pleased under court for murder

In the evening in December, 2018 the 24-year-old drunk resident of Kemerovo has come to the grandmother on a visit. The pensioner has told the grandson that the cohabitant on the eve of her has beaten. Then the young man has decided to deal with a problem, but has accidentally killed the man. So, the grandson in a quarrel began to beat the victim by fists on a face and the head and when from one of blows the victim has fallen to a sofa, his head has sharply turned aside. Next day the victim has addressed in hospitals, complaining of back pains. Doctors diagnosed that the man has a vertebral and spinal trauma which is qualified as heavy harm to health on the basis of danger to life. It wasn't succeeded to save the patient, he has died in hospital. As reports to the Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Kemerovo region, concerning the detainee criminal case under the article "Deliberate Negligent Homicide" has been brought. The court has imposed him sentence in the form of corrective works of 1 year with deduction in income of the state of the salary. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: the grandmother the grandson a fight the conflict causing death on neocare the cohabitant murder