Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Kemerovo has offered more effective way of elimination of pools and water flows on roads

The inhabitant of the regional center considers that he knows much more effective way of elimination of pools and water streams, than to what road builders usually resort. The resident of Kemerovo by the name of Alexey has shared opinion on that with the editorial office VSE42.Ru, to fight as much as possible effectively against pools and water flows on roads. According to the citizen, generally in Kemerovo when laying water disposal systems the method of "a natural bias" is applied that in practice is insufficiently effective. – "The bias method" forces pedestrians and motorists to move on quite such decent water flows, to plunge where it is very much unpleasant. For the motorist it is fraught with hydroplaning with loss of management or hydroblow, for the pedestrian – damage of footwear, – kuzbassovets considers. Also Alexey has pointed that at a present method asphalt wears out much quicker: pools, streams, water flows systematically destroy an asphalt covering. Besides, at "a bias method" water flows in the casual direction that is fraught with flooding of sidewalks, the carriageway and the yards. Dirt which is brought by uncontrollable water flows becomes not a smaller problem also. As a way out from a situation the resident of Kemerovo suggests to use tray superficial water disposal on the under construction and repaired objects. Examples are presented in photos. The citizen is sure that it considerably will increase asphalt service life, will reduce its impurity, will increase comfort and safety on streets. Photo: Social networks to Share: water disposal of Kemerovo residents of Kemerovo are revolted the offer of a photo