Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Kemerovo has put up a fight with the police officer and has lost

The Kemerovo debtor so strongly didn't want to go with the bailiff that has tried to beat him. However the authority was stronger and quicker. The debtor living in the Kuzbass capital evaded from a visit to bailiffs therefore the police officer has gone to him. On August 9 the authority was in the place of residence of the man and has suggested to pass with him. The resident of Kemerovo has decided to use force, hoping to banish the law enforcement officer: I pretended that to him it is bad, and at the unexpected moment I have struck punch to the face of the law enforcement authority, however that was stronger, than the aggressor expected. After the short fight the police officer has broken the malefactor's hand for a back and has chained him in handcuffs. Then the law enforcement officer has transferred the violent debtor to colleagues for carrying out executive actions. Now the debtor is threatened by criminal case, have reported in regional UFSSP. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Debtor fight of Kemerovo UFSSP