Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

The resident of Kemerovo has shown discontent with an entrance to bus station

In community "Typical Kemerovo" the photo of an entrance to bus station has appeared. Her author is indignant concerning lack of an organized smoking area. – How so did leave that an entrance to bus station and a smoking-room the same place? – the resident of Kemerovo questions (the author's style is kept). Commentators note that "the normal smoking-room where she will disturb nobody isn't equipped", adding that "earlier in general it was possible on the platform, then have driven away to an entrance, for a fence now". Also kuzbassovets advise the indignant citizen to contact police, but not "to part a market gossip on the Internet". Photo: Typical Kemerovo to Share: indignation entrance of Kemerovo Kuzbass smoking of a photo