Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Kemerovo has suggested to reactivate an athletic field for students

The resident of the Kuzbass capital is indignant of a situation with sports grounds near technical school: students have no place to play therefore they are forced to come to the yard of houses. At the same time nearby there is a preserved football cage. The Kemerovo activist has suggested to return to operation the sports ground on Youzhny which for many years stands idle. The man considers that thus it is possible to solve a problem of sport providing students of technical school of REU of Plekhanov and also locals. – Our athletic field the best in our rayonchik therefore on it play with all the district. The covering is killed with the accelerated rates, restoration at our expense. It isn't pleasant to many residents, as well as what the local children have no place to play. The technical school of REU of Plekhanov doesn't have the either stadium, or an athletic field, or the racetrack, they run around the case, – the resident of Kemerovo in group to "The mayor for record" has written. The man has noted that in several tens meters from his platform in the yard between streets of Patriots and Space there is a preserved building of the former boarding school on Basic, 12a where there is a huge territory and even an athletic field with a football goal. The citizen has suggested to transfer the abandoned platform to fixed assets of REU of Plekhanov or to any other establishment to provide to Youzhny's inhabitants and students of technical school an opportunity to play sports. Photo: Social networks to Share: Kemerovo offer sports ground technical school of a photo