Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Kemerovo has warned motorists and pedestrians about danger

Not indifferent resident of Kemerovo has warned inhabitants about dangerous hatches of the stormwater drainage system on the road. He has sent the photos confirming this information and also screenshots and marked on the card of a point of an arrangement of dangerous sites to one of the VKontakte groups. As the man writes, it is about the territory on the avenue Sovetsk behind the Tokemsky ring. Dangerous hatches have been found by the inhabitant in the first of August, near the building No. 15 about what the address in the Kemerovoonlayn application has been left. Later near this site the second open hatch of the stormwater drainage system, opposite to the building No. 11 has been found, and the address is also left. Still a time later the man has seen other open hatch, opposite to the hatch at the building No. 15. – Today appeals to Kemerovoonlayn still without answer, and hatches are open and aren't fenced. – the resident of Kemerovo complains. According to him, he has written also to group of administration of VKontakte, but the answer hasn't followed yet. Photo: to Share: the motorist is dear to a car the complaint the hatch danger prevention of a photo