Date: 10 months ago   Category: Science

The resident of Kemerovo has warned the owner of the car about a surprise in the yard

In one of city publics in VKontakte the eyewitness has published photos of the children climbing the car and has urged the owner "to leave to admire". – The owner frets to the address of Miners 40 urgently go to the yard! There you are waited by a surprise! – the resident of the regional capital has reported (the style is kept). In comments users urge "to catch and give a kick", but there are also less radical citizens who have advised to catch and "to take away to parents". Also some have joked that the owner of the car personally costs on a cowl, at the same time one resident of Kemerovo has said that it "the owner's children by car climb for two months". Photo: Google.Images to Share: car children car surprise of a photo of Miners