Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Kemerovo lost the capital on transactions with cryptocurrency

The resident of Kemerovo tried to cash the brokerage account, but it was the victim of fraud. The resident of Kemerovo kept the brokerage account and successfully invested money in cryptocurrency operations. The day before it on cellular was called by the unknown and offered the help in cashing in of savings. the 58-year-old owner of the cryptocapital decided to follow advice and gave to "consultant" access to the brokerage account, details of the cash card and dictated the passwords of confirmation of operations which arrived by SMS. Having obtained necessary information the interlocutor removed all savings of the resident of Kemerovo from the Internet exchange and the cash card and did not contact any more. The amount of damage was more than 160 thousand rubles. As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kemerovo region reports, upon fraud investigation verification is carried out now. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: exchange of Kemerovo resident of Kemerovo Kuzbass cryptocurrency swindler