Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Kemerovo suggested to mount one more surveillance camera in the downtown

The female resident of Kemerovo in the #мэруназаметку_кемерово group suggested to install in the downtown one more device for a photo – and video fixings of violations of traffic regulations. According to the townswoman, the camera is necessary about the crosswalk on Krasnaya Street opposite to the Central school of arts No. 1. – Incidentally the people do not even think to brake before the sign. Even if under this sign children. Also signal that did not come to the carriageway. And I observe this situation constantly, – the resident of Kemerovo wrote. The townswoman also worries that there will come the winter soon, and children will begin a thicket to go on darkness that can end with the tragedy. Photo: Google.Images to Share: children complaint Kemerovo camera speed