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The resident of Kemerovo was indignant with an awful condition of the house and indifference of UK

The female resident of Kemerovo Elena has told VSE42.Ru about an awful condition of the house and yard on Kosmicheskaya Street, 18 A in the Factory district of the city. Elena has reported that in the yard of her house of the road "as after bombing" – they were broken by KamAZ bringing materials to the building under construction which was abandoned a few years ago. On shots it is visible that on asphalt a large number of holes is located. – Now some taxi refuse to approach to the yard because the bottom of the car is constantly scratched, at mine the muffler is already punched, repair is necessary to me, – the resident of Kemerovo has explained. – In the winter two times sat without water, in two places there was a break of pipes. One hole was dug stones at once, another was covered with earth. From above some seeds pour, and they are eaten at once by pigeons. In couple of days this hole fails, and so they already time 3 filled up her. Besides, Elena has noted that at a hostel entrance, up to the fifth floor, any bulb sometimes doesn't work, for weeks don't take out garbage, and the exploded counter was still replaced. The grass in the house adjoining territory isn't mown, and building materials from the thrown object haven't removed. Inhabitants Space, 18A already tried to address not only in REU, but also to administration, however they haven't received answers. – It seems to me, now watch only normal houses, and hostels already for nothing are necessary to nobody. Here only we are people too and we also pay for all services, – Elena was indignant. Earlier inhabitants of the house on Moskovsky Avenue, 25 have also complained of indifference of UK. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Residents of Kemerovo are revolted with Kemerovo Kuzbass National news the hostel of the Power engineering specialist and housing and public utilities