Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Lipetsk has made to neighbors a door, submitting to voices

Voices have ordered to the resident of Lipetsk to make a door to neighbors in the multi-storey building on Yubileynaya Street, transfers GOROD48. Residents of the house the day before were woken by a sound of the welding machine in the morning. The woman living on the fifth floor left the apartment and has found the neighbor from the first floor making one of doors. The man has explained to her that it to him have ordered to make voices. Voices have forced to make also his own door, but he couldn't make it as it is wooden. "Welder" was brought to police where he has promised not to use the welding machine any more. Neighbors of the man suspect that at there was an attack of "delirium tremens". Photo: Google.Images to Share: Lipetsk welding