Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Novokuznetsk has died upon transition of "zebra"

In Novokuznetsk there was a road accident as a result of which the man has died. It is previously established that the driver is guilty. On Thursday, October 4, at 10:25 on Mokhov Street in a transition point on Motor transportation the Skoda Oktavia car has run over the pedestrian. As a result from traumatized the man I have died. The Sity-N portal has shared pictures. – The car moved from Poimennoye Highway towards Transport. Has been run down at the crosswalk from right to left in the direction of transport. the 49-year-old man has died on the spot, the 48-year-old driver of Skoda hasn't suffered, – have told VSE42.Ru in the Kuzbass traffic police. It is previously established that the driver of the foreign car is guilty: he has violated rules of journey of "zebra", without having reduced speed. At the time of road accident he was sober. Degree of his fault will be established by law enforcement officers. The traffic police of Kuzbass urges drivers to follow traffic regulations: it is necessary to reduce speed before crosswalks. Pedestrians ask to cross the road in the places intended for this purpose, previously having convinced of safety of intentions. Photo: City-N to Share: road accident death arrival Novokuznetsk pedestrian photo death